5th October 2016 David Waddington

Speed is set to be super important, so AMP up your content!

WARNING: This is a dry post. Like Sahara dry. Don’t let the exciting picture with a very tenuous link (speed) fool you. This is about the un-shiny side of the wondrous internet – it’s about *gulp*... Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)!

So let’s get through this quickly.

AMP. What is it? Well, it could be something that in the future makes your page shoot up the rankings if you’re ready for it, and shoot down the rankings if you’re not.

Let’s hear from Branded3 to explain what it is:

Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, is an open source project that aims to speed up webpages on mobile devices. It allows users to visit a page on your site instantly by rendering much faster than a typical HTML page. Essentially, it supplies the user with a stripped down version of the HTML called AMP HTML.

So in short, it’s gearing your website for quick viewing, with a heavy lean on mobiles.

Why do we care so much about mobile users? Well, probably because smartphone use has been rising year on year, and doesn’t really look like it’s stopping. And Google knows this.


Last year Google shifted its ever-changing algorithm to boost responsive websites in search results and penalise those who were not responsive.

And it makes sense. Web usage on portable devices is huge, and Google is all about rewarding websites that give the best UX (user-experience).

AMP is a continuation of this, and is Google endorsed, so if you have a website you should really pay attention. By making sure your website is AMP-ready you are ensuring super fast load speed.

How fast? Well, let’s see a speed test comparison (an idea that I totally and unashamedly ripped off the Branded3 blog, but applied to this blog in the interests of seeing if what they did was legit).

The test

Ok. So here is a speed test taken on the last blog post about colour-matching in Adobe Premiere CC:

Slow speed test

So 30/100 on a mobile. I’m no mathematician, but even I know that’s not great.

I then dove into the world of WordPress plugins and got the AMP plugin. And was it any better?

Fast speed test

Yes. Yes it was.

Is it worth it?

‘So what?’ I hear you cry. ‘If Google isn’t actively telling us AMP-ready sites matter yet, then why should I bother?’

Think about it like this. For the sake of grabbing a quick cheeky plug-in, you could potentially be saving yourself a great deal of time, money and effort down the line when AMP becomes something that does have weight against your result ranking.

[In case you missed that, I had ‘when’ in bold, italics, and underlined. That’s how sure I am it’s going to be something to consider.]

And if I’m wrong?

Well, you’ve wasted about 3 minutes of your life and zero cash, so let’s say I owe you a digital pint.


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