20th February 2017 David Waddington

CIPR magazine feature on Clearing Live

The reaction to my Clearing Live project has really taken me by surprise. While I obviously thought it was something worth doing, it appears that is has attracted quite a lot of attention externally as well.

Possibly because it’s something different and – more importantly – incredibly cost-effective.

In addition to getting shortlisted for a fair few awards and mentioned here and there, it has also been prominently featured in an article for CIPR’s Influence magazine.

To catch the eye of such an industry respected organisations is, of course, a huge honour. But I think I’m most proud of the fact that the article as a whole focuses on the innovation angle.

I’m a huge fan of technology and the communication opportunities it presents; and how these opportunities can be utilised in an interesting and attention-grabbing way. So to be recognised for innovation in a field filled with digital marketing maestros doing astonishing things is just amazing and incredibly humbling.

However, this now brings about a whole new problem: what next?

Much like a breakout artist, it’s time to knuckle-down and work on that ‘difficult second album’.

The article

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