1st March 2017 David Waddington

Fonts – The Welsh solution

Confession time: I. LOVE. FONTS. A good font can conjure the perfect identity for a brand; the right atmosphere an event is trying to portray; or even encapsulate an entire culture.

Quite conversely, a bad font (yes, I’m looking at you Comic Sans) can destroy all of those in one fell swoop.

But let’s look at the good, and in the spirit of St David’s Day, check out this design journey for a bespoke font requested by VisitWales.


I am a proud Welshman (who now lives down in Hertfordshire), so am always partial to a nice Wales story.

While watching their new TV spot featuring Luke Evans, what caught my eye was their fantastic web font on the website.

The WalesSans font

Intelligent design

Not only does it stylistically scream ‘WALES’, it is also incredibly sympathetic to the language. The careful implementation of ‘ll’, ‘ch’ and ‘dd’ (big deals for Welsh speakers) is just gorgeous and really acknowledges the requirements of Welsh while looking fantastic in the process.

Check out the full story behind the font at Colphon Foundry.

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