10th April 2017 David Waddington

Buying friends – is paying for social followers worth it? (Part 1)

Whether you’re a fledgling social user or a seasoned community manager trying to improve engagement; one of the main indicators that you are succeeding is getting new followers (or at least that is what your boss thinks).

In truth, this is not the case. It is the quality of your follower and the level of engagement which determines a successful post – not how many ‘not’ accounts are following you.

But more followers are always wanted, and firms alleging they will get you these followers for a price can be an attractive notion.

Is it good practice?

The general consensus for buying followers is DON’T DO IT! Why? Well ……

  • It’s engagement that matters, not numbers
  • A majority are essentially ‘robots’ so of little/no value
  • Security ramifications for your existing followers

However, people still do. So rather than sit here extolling the virtues of why you shouldn’t I thought I would conduct a mini-experiment to see what happens when you do.

To be clear, I do not endorse purchasing followers at all. I believe in organically cultivating engagement through interesting content. But how can I look down on a common practice without having first-hand knowledge? I want to be able to provide experiential evidence in this blog series rather than merely spouting social dogma finalised with a ‘because I say so’.

So here we go…


I thought I would start with Twitter, so started looking for firms who promise to bump my followers for a low-cost fee.

I went with a site called Greedier Social Media (a company who clearly embrace the motivation of their clients). They promise:

Increase your business/personal Twitter presence, gain credibility and build your online reputation using our affordable social media marketing services!

Recent statistics show that potential customers are 60% more likely to both trust your brand and use your product or service if you have a good social media following compared to those who have not!

Services start from only £4.99 you can buy Twitter followers UK & USA based to be delivered within less than 24 hours. Simply select your service and delivery options then enter your username to buy twitter followers, why delay succeed with social media today!

They also allegedly have 30,000 happy clients including celebrities and brands such as Adidas (I will be contacting them for comment, though I’m not expecting a ‘Yeah we buy our love too!’ response, if any).

I opted for a modest 1000 followers for the low-low price of £4.99.

Information required was sparse: the twitter username I wanted the followers on and how I would like them to come in: standard delivery of 2-3 days to get them all, or 1-5 days at about 250 a day for.

I went for the latter hoping I will be able to see a steady rise.

The money went in at around 6:30pm on a Saturday. Let’s see what happens…


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