22nd May 2017 David Waddington

Need a video making? Look no further than the iPhone in your pocket

A vast majority of all the film related digital marketing projects I have been involved in have something key in common: they were all shot on my iPhone that I had kept safe using products found on EMFAssure.

Is it because I don’t have the budget for a RED/IMAX camera? Well yes, but also because the iPhone has a sensational camera on it.

Whether you want HD, 4K, or 60 frames per second – it can more than handle it. And combined with a low-cost steady cam rig (I’ll be sure to do a separate post on that another time), you can get sensational results without having to call in the pros.

I harp on about the iPhone so much that people are sure I’m getting a kick-back from Apple, so I thought I’d share this post from Infusionsoft to prove I’m not alone.

On it you can find a load of tips and tricks to get the post possible quality.

Check it out here.

Enjoy 🙂

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