25th September 2017 David Waddington

Falling foul of ‘Blog Rule No1’

So I’ve done with this blog exactly what I tell everyone NOT to do: let my blogging slide.

Consistency in your blog is one of the most important things. Whether you’re a ‘one a month’ poster or ‘a few a week’, it is critical to keep up with your chosen approach. And while I shoot for one a month, my last post was in May.

Oh dear.

Not the end of the world

You know what? It happens. Life and work get in the way and a blog post (much like most website maintenance for those who don’t see it as part of their main day job) is often the first victim in the priority list.

The last few weeks have seen me organising and running Clearing Live 2017 as well as a host of video projects (and all the new learnings that have had to accompany picking up new skills to execute them), so time for a blog has been sparse. But the important thing is to get back on it asap when you do get a bit of breathing room.

Don’t give in

Blogs are much like a New Year’s Resolution:

  • At the beginning you are excited about kicking it off and have every intention of carrying on.
  • A few weeks/months in you are starting to wane.
  • You then miss the odd post.
  • You suddenly realise it’s been months (much like me).
  • The enthusiasm has gone.

It’s never too late to reinvigorate your blog. Like many things in digital marketing (or indeed any field), the important thing is to just do it. You’ll be surprised how quickly you get back into the swing.

Rack your blog posts up

I often tell people wanting to start a blog that they should accrue at least 3 blog posts before they even start it, and choose when they want to schedule them. This often separates those who like the idea of a blog (but no inclination to actually continue it), and those who are dedicated to their blogging.

This technique is not just sound advice for those thinking of starting a blog though, it’s also a worthy technique for those who know they have a busy period coming up and want to keep the posts regular for their readers.

Post about what’s happening

Struggling for content? Blog post don’t have to be what has happened, they can also be what is coming up. So use the post to brain-dump on upcoming projects.

Some of your readers may even be able to offer some insights into your projects that can help you (as well as foster lots of blog dialogue in the comments).

More to come

So consider this post an an apology, as well as a precursor to what is coming up.

The past few weeks have seen me dabbling in colour correction and colour grading (no easy feat for a colour blind person), breaking into more complex camera settings, go through a steep learning curve in camera lighting, and explore solutions for sound recording on a budget. And all of these will feature in upcoming blogs.

So stay tuned!

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