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Adobe Premiere CC – Colour matching fun

So, you’ve got yourself a lovely Canon 700D camera you’ve started using for filming small projects. With it’s dynamic colour range and the ability to create lovely soft-focus backgrounds to your subject it’s making your mini-films look really professional.

Then you start thinking: ‘Oh man, a single camera looks a bit static – I wish I had another one of these to do some sweet second-camera shooting’. But then you realise that you might want to eat this month, so forking out for another 700D may not be wise.

Fear not! Look to your pocket and look to Adobe Premiere CC!

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Don’t worry! We’re making a video.

It is amazing how many marketing professionals believe ‘making a video’ is the answer to their problems. But what is more amazing is the conversation often stops at that decision.

Here is how it can sometimes go:

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United Themes: Brooklyn – Initial thoughts


Free WordPress themes are a great place to start when you are wanting to get to grips with the Content Management System (CMS). And if you are looking for something a little more elegant or rich in functionality, you can often find many free themes out there to take things a step further.

But at some point, even the free themes are going to ask you to cough up for some cash if you want flexibility and all the functionality you desire.
And so you should! If you aren’t willing to invest in your customer-facing website in the same way you would invest in a nice shop sign, then maybe you don’t think as much of your customers as you ought to.

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I could write a big diatribe about how I’m currently updating my website for the millionth time, and explain the many reasons behind any major shift in aesthetics and functionality. But I think it is best coming from Dwight…

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