The Alumni Team at the University of Hertfordshire make a congratulations video every year for the graduating class, to wish them well in the future and remind them they are always a part of the University.

Last year an agency had produced the video, but for their follow-up they wanted something a bit more personal with character.

Having seen my Technical Showcase video, they were keen to do something similar; so we brainstormed and tested a one-shot video to see if it could be done.

On the day, we had a limited window with our volunteers, but managed three run-throughs – the final one was used.

The footage was shot using an iPhone 6S on a steady cam mount; and all editing done on a MacBook.

It’s getting great feedback from everyone who’s seen it!

– Head of Development & Alumni Relations

Client: University of Hertfordshire

Camera: iPhone 6S on a Lanparte HHG-01 steady cam rig

Editing software: Adobe Premiere CC

Post-production: Adobe After Effects CC

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