What is Clearing Live?

The concept for Clearing Live came while I was studying the CAM Diploma in Digital Marketing at the University of Hertfordshire. I was required to focus on a specific area of the organisation for academic analysis of a fictitious campaign. I decided to focus on Clearing, and noticed that we – like most universities – follow the approach of pushing students into browsing for a course, then urging them to pick up a phone.

I felt there may be a way of adding a better customer experience to this transition in the consumer journey from a one-sided web experience into direct communication on a phone by using dynamic and engaging video content – something akin to a Comic Relief format with a mixture of pre-recorded and live content – to provide realtime feedback on what is a frantic process for many.


  • To convince students UH is the place to study via promotion of USPs.
  • To assure prospective students their call is important and update on waiting times to address frustrations (by pulling back the curtain on the manic Clearing process).
  • To showcase Clearing courses.
  • To inform and engage with internal staff.

Elevator-pitch explaining Clearing Live

First Year

Clearing Live aired for the first time in 2015 using YouTube’s ‘Live’ streaming service.

We opted for two 4-hour broadcasts – one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Engagement was incredibly strong, with more than 20,000 minutes of footage watched.

Second year

In 2016 I managed to simultaneously broadcast Clearing Live over YouTube and Facebook Live.

Combined with better quality camera equipment courtesy of our School of Creative Arts, and improved software to handle on-screen graphics and edits; the result was a higher quality product and even higher engagement, which has secured its standing as a regular feature of Clearing.

The University of Hertfordshire continues to lead the curve in live-broadcasting over the Clearing period in this way.


  • CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 2016 finalist
  • CIPR Excellence Awards 2016 finalist
  • HEIST Awards 2016 - Special Commendation

Clearing Live 2016

Process innovation genius at the University of Hertfordshire

– Headline of article in CIPR’s Influence magazine

Client: University of Hertfordshire

Camera: Canon XF305 (in 2016)

Additional equipment: Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Recorder (in 2016), MacBook Pro

Editing software: Adobe Premiere CC

Post-production: Adobe After Effects CC

Broadcast software: Wirecast Pro (in 2016)

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