I was asked to help with the digital marketing elements of an overhaul to the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards 2017 at the University of Hertfordshire.

In addition to refreshing a microsite for the awards and implementing a more streamlined nomination process; I also¬†created videos to make the awards ‘more friendly’ and encourage nominations.

In order to increase engagement from across the university,¬†we shot a ‘piece to camera’ to welcome voters and a second one to explain categories.

A one-shot worked best, so a few takes were filmed in order to create options.

I then repurposed an After Effects logo introduction to bring in the VCA collateral, and ensured consistent on-screen branding throughout.

Client: University of Hertfordshire

Camera: Nikon D3200

Editing software: Adobe Premiere CC

Post-production: Adobe After Effects CC

amazon acrylic paint